Monday, June 1, 2009

Inspiring Message From Sam

The message below is from the Riot Grrrl Online Ning Community. This was in my Riot Grrrl Online Ning Community Inbox and it was written by a girl named Sam that lives in the United Kingdom. She isn't talking about the ning site, but she is talking about the Riot Grrrl Online website.

hey i imagine that you probably get this a lot
but your riot grrl site is awesome
im learning so much from it
so thanks

If your reading this, THANK YOU for visiting the Riot Grrrl Online website and for joining the Riot Grrrl Online Ning Community too. Also, I'm glad your learning from the RGO website. I'm glad you think the website is awesome, keep visiting it! THANK YOU for inspiring me to keep on doing the RGO website! It's people like you that makes me want to keep moving forward with the RGO website.


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