Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Forwrrrd Will Now Be Updated On A Monthly Basis

I guess alot of you are wondering... "Why hasn't this blog been updated since June?" or "This blog was being updated daily, What happened?"

My answer: I have decided to make the decision to post on this blog again and to do so on a MONTHLY basis only. This means it will be updated once a month. For those of you who like this blog or read it everyday, you can still read it on a monthly basis or you can read it daily. By reading it daily, you can look at all of the old posts in Forwrrrd. I hope this news doesn't surprise or disappoint you. It's hard to update a blog on a daily basis and a weekly basis.

The reasons for my decision:
1.) I'm on like a million other forums & websites, like facebook, last.fm, myspace, twitter, etc. It's hard to keep up with all of them, but I will ALWAYS use my facebook, last.fm, myspace, and twitter accounts.
2.) I have my own website (Riot Grrrl Online) that I have to constantly update.
3.) My grandma goes to the hospital on a monthly basis, due to her health problems, not to mention that she also has memory problems too.

The next post I make in this blog, will be a regular Forwrrrd post that I usually make and not one like this one. It will be totally Forwrrrd Blog focused.