Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Contact Me

Contact The Author:
My email is listed on my Blogger Profile, which is again, on the right hand sidebar of this blog, under "About Me".

If your too lazy to look on my profile, here is my email address: is my email address. Just remove the words "NOSPAM" and you've got the email address.

When emailing me, DO NOT use subject lines like "Hi", "Hello", "Read this", "No Subject", or "Something for you"...they're too commonly used by spammers, increasing the likelihood that your message will wind up in my spam folder. Also, no blank subject lines. If you are emailing me about this blog or submitting/contributing something for this blog, please use subject lines like "Forwrrrd", "Your Blog", "Forwrrrd Blog", or something like that.

If you are emailing me regarding feminism, riot grrrl, or the Riot Grrrl Online website, please use subject lines like "Riot Grrrl Online", "RGO", "RGO User", "Riot Grrrl", "Feminism", "Feminist", "hot-topic website", "hot-topic", "", or something of that sort.
You can also find me on the Riot Grrrl Online Forum located here.