Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rape: To Seize And Take Away By Force...Despoil

The following is a poem contributed by Tabitha to this blog. Check out Tabitha's blog, Mad Babe Zine and its Ning Site. She wrote this after realizing that she had been raped. The title is called "rape: to seize and take away by force . . despoil". Thanks for the poem, Tabitha! :)

What Tabitha says about this poem: "The following is a poem I wrote after realizing what had happened to me, and what keeps happening to so many other young girls."

"rape: to seize and take away by force . . despoil"

positive poetry in and out of ear
wandering aimlessly, in and out of fear.

timeless, unbuttoned. smooth over folds.
screams inside, shut in, fingers are cold.

my words they are numb, from things i don't know.
i stand upright, broken plateau

mindlessly grunting, words are unkept.
powerfully hunting, I'm already dead.


  1. thanks so much for posting my poem!

  2. Your welcome, Tabitha! :) Thanks for contributing it to the blog!

  3. I like this poem, tab.


  4. Thanks for the comment, Annie! I'm glad you liked Tab's poem.