Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm Your Period

The following poem below was written on my myspace page. I thought it was a cute poem, so I thought I'd share it.

I'm Your Period

Calling to you when you're on the rag,
to light up another fag

In the candy store of the mall,
begging you to eat a red fire ball

See me sparkle like rubies leaked onto your floor,
at all the wrong times like when you're man's at the door

I'm your period! I'm your period!

Feel me making my way through your interior,
like an elephant riding a big old roller coaster

When you get strange urges keeping you up and feeling tight,
Mickey Rourke's entire cinematic career you watch in just one night

I'm your period, honey, your period!

Cause girl, you're a woman now and you sure know how
to a make a period proud!!

And oh how proud I am of you...


Love, your period


  1. I received this same poem on my MySpace page and it just so happened to be posted at a time where I had my period, so it was just in time!

  2. I thought the poem was cute, so I had to post it.