Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grrrl Power Is

The article below isn't about the Spice Girls version of "girl power". We're talking about "grrrl power" as in riot grrrl. I got this from an OLD riot grrrl website I used to visit called "++riot grrrls please stand up++", which is no longer around. However, the website can still be viewed here: on the website. Thanks to for letting me be able to still visit my favorite old riot grrrl websites from back in the day. The article was written by: Jessica Giusti in 1999, when the website was still online.

Grrrl Power is...

feeling okay about being a girl: Be proud! We ROCK!

promoting girl love and friendship: A kind of sisterhood. Don't talk to me about cliques or sororities; in this clique there are no rules, no certain way to be, and we don't leave anyone out!

encouraging one another: Telling each other it's cool to be who they are and let them express themselves!

teaching: girls, boys, men, women, old or young about grrrl issues things that effect each one of us (equality, individualization, the right to speak your mind and let your thoughts run free).

respecting each other: to realize the individuality of every girl on this planet, not to divide people into groups like race, religion, ethics, etc., to look down upon derogatory names and phrases against girls and anyone else.

respecting yourself: respect yourself for who you are. Not realizing you have flaw, but character, things that make you who you are. Realize and respect your strengths, interests, opinions, and beauty. Realize your self-empowerment.

being able to: say what you want to say and not be afraid, voice your mind and opinion, to express yourself in any shape or form, to wear what you want to wear and look the way you want to without being degraded for it. It's about not letting anyone judge you, because it's not about limitations!!!


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