Thursday, April 23, 2009

31 Ways To Get Involved In Pro-Choice

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Celebrate more than three decades of the right to choose with our Activist Checklist. There is something for everyone - get involved in your community, school, or place of worship to make an important difference in the lives of women.

In Everyday Life

-Ask your ob-gyn and family practice physician if they are pro-choice and/or provide abortion as a part of the continuum of reproductive health care
-Make sure your insurance carrier covers abortion
-Write a letter of support to an official who supports policies that improve access to abortion care
-Tell your story
-Join the Patient Partnership
-Speak positively and with confidence about being pro-choice
-Donate to the NAF Patient Assistance Fund
-Put a pro-choice bumper sticker on your car
-Write to a woman's magazine about why you are pro-choice

At Your School

-Tell your friends and student health services about the NAF Hotline 1-800-772-9100
-Write an article for the student paper
-Join or start your own chapter of Students for Choice
-Make sure student health services provides Emergency Contraception

In Your Community

-Write an op-ed for your local newspaper
-Contact your elected representatives (state and federal)
-Submit a positive resolution regarding Roe v. Wade to your city council
-Join your school board and support comprehensive sex education
-Contact your Yellow Pages about accurately advertising Crisis Pregnancy Centers, i.e. they should not be listed under abortion

In Your Faith

-Join a pro-choice religious group
-Find out if your religion has an official position on choice
-Learn more about the morality of choice
-Bring pro-choice materials to your religious community
-Write something for your religious newsletter
-Support comprehensive sex education

Support the Providers and Clinics

-Raise money for low-income women to obtain abortions
-Send a thank you note to a local clinic
-Escort women at a local clinic
-Volunteer at the clinic
-Sponsor an advertisement
-Organize a party for the staff
-Send a letter to the editor supporting the clinic


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